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Secret Study Skills To Get Better Grades Now!

What if the education system doesn't fit your way of learning?


In most cases this is true….

We are expected to adapt to certain styles of absorbing/revising information and performing in examinations that are not necessarily suited to our natural ways of thinking and understanding. They often don’t teach us fundamental study skills to improve study efficiency.

As a result, we can develop poor study habits such as:

  • rote-learning
  • lack of concentration
  • inability to remember what the teacher said
  • cramming before exams
  • poor time management
  • procrastination
  • slow learning
  • study stress
  • a self-defeating study attitude
  • slow reading
  • poor writing skills
  • performance anxiety
  • writing problems
  • lack of study structure
  • etc!


Is it my fault?

short answer: NO!

In many classrooms teachers talk at you and expect you to remember; when, 80% of people learn by doing, or seeing information visually represented in diagrams, charts, etc. Basically, they are trying to teach us the way they learned but not always in a way we understand.

Hey, I still have to sit through their classes man!


Exactly the point….Alot of students experience this hardship….

My story in a  nutshell…study skills nutshell

I was in a similar situation when I was studying, finding it difficult to concentrate in class, motivate myself and control my study sessions – bad study skills! Even though I spent hours studying, I had poor grades to show for it!

I was racking my brain for “better study skills, better study skills!!”

As frustrating as this sounds, I was determined to improve my grades and become a more effective learner.

I turned away from what I was learning and focused on How I was learning….. I came across particular study formulas and adapted fundamental study skills which radically changed my whole study approach and outcome.

I turned those C’s into A’s and had more time to see my friends and do stuff outside of study…I had an amazing experience learning such incredible study skills. I have since become a teacher and developed the study style skills program to help students re-orient their study life and maximize their learning potential.

What are these “Study Style Skills”?


The Serious detail…..

Study Style Skills are a set of fundamental, specific study skills for the major learning types (visual, aural, kinesthetic). Everybody fits one of these categories or has combined learning preferences. While we all have to study the same subjects in High school and University, the way in which we should study depends on our learning preference(s). There are different ways to study and different study skills for all of us.

Because we aren’t taught how to learn, we have to understand our learning stlyes, use specific tools and formulas to maximize our ability to absorb, revise and perform in any study context. “Study Style Skills”  is all about the right study skills for youlearning how to learn.


The summary box…

improve your gradesThe right study formulas, study skills and techniques for you!



“The Study Style Skills Program”


study skills programThe  ebook and video presentation series provide step-by-step, learn-by-doing, simple and effective study skills and formulas.

The  program will change your study life, enhancing your ability to absorb, revise and perform in any given discipline.

  • Save $100s on tutor fees!
  • Save months of research!
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve study efficiency
  • Maximize your learning potential
  • Achieve more
  • Manage more
  • Overcome poor study habits
  • Ace your exams
  • Learn master study skills!


So what’s in the box??


college study skills tools


Alot of Goodness!


  • The study style skills ebook
  • understand how you really learn!
  • get specific study skills to sky-rocket your results!
  • get quick-reference maps and diagrams!
  • Learn how to study less!
  • Learn speed writing
  • learn the best essay planning for you
  • get tips on what you need to do in all study contexts!


  • The macro-micro video presentation series
  • Master study with step-by-step, learn-by-doing video presentations
  • learn one of the most effective study approaches available
  • make time management a sinch!
  • special techniques for anxiety control
  • learn how to think critically!
  • Learn how to set and achieve goals!
  • Get special formulas to ace exams!
  • Learn how to speed research!
  • Get easy to use strategies to research online and in libraries
  • Get detailed information on how to summarize
  • learn speed note-taking for lectures/texts!
  • Master mind mapping!
  • Learn how to plan essays rapidly and effectively
  • Learn exam writing skills to dramatically improve your results!
  • Get advanced concentration methods
  • replace old study habits with the most effective college study habits
  • Improve your memory!
  • and much much more ofcourse!

This program is obviously not for everyone….

  • If you are just going to get the program and not watch the videos or read the ebook, then this probably isn’t for you…. It should take you 2 weeks, 1 week if you are hard core but 2 is better to fully digest the material and activities.
  • This is only for people who want to get better grades and learn how to study less!
  • If you are ready for the Study Style Skills Program, then you’ll need these special features:



bonus essay planning

Essay planning and flow writing video

  • Learn how to plan essays quickly
  • Learn how to use mind maps to plan effectively
  • completely change your writing style with speedy ‘flow writing’


bonus study skills templates

Word and PDF study templates to put into practice what you learn!

  • 4 essential study templates
  • organize your study and study skills!
  • set goals and achieve them!


There are a few things you should know!


60 day money back guarantee

  • Save $100s on tutor fees and months of research!
  • Fast-track your studies
  • Proven study skills and formulas
  • If you are not 100% satisfied, shoot me an email for a full refund
  • No questions asked!



  • Testimonial (Ryan Prousialkous)

“Excellent study skills program…. great detail in the videos and easy to use ebook.

This has helped me alot with my studies…cheers!”

  • Testimonial (Angela He)

“I liked the program, great study skills”

  • Testimonial (Connie Zhen)

“Thank you!”

  • Testimonial (Rob Teskey)

“nice one Cameron…. the program is so useful, ebook, videos and all!

Special offer!

Great value


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study skills program

college study skills tools





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It is with great pleasure that I offer you this educational product. Your Feedback is welcome!

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Cameron Sydney.

Cameron Sydney






Not only will you save $100s on tutor fees, you will also fast-track months and months of research! This program will sky-rocket your results for next to nothing. The great thing is that these techniques and study skills are guaranteed to help you get better grades with the 60 day trial. Just try them on and see if they work for you. These methods are based on material that you cannot find online……. What they haven’t told you will turn your grades around!

study skills program

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